While the Education for Ministry program is a four-year curriculum, participants enroll for one year at a time. Each program year is 36-weeks long. Groups generally begin their year in either September or January.

Each EfM group must have a minimum of six students. To maintain an effective learning environment and to provide participation for everyone, EfM groups may not have more than 12 participants.

In the case of a move during the academic cycle, a participant may transfer to another group.

The EfM Reading and Reflection Guide (RRG) for the current year is provided to all in both e-book and printed formats. Participants are responsible for obtaining the textbooks for the year at their own cost. See the texts used in the program here.

The full year’s fee is paid at the time of enrollment using the program’s online registration and payment system.

  • Participants in groups under institutional sponsorship (parochial or diocesan) pay a discounted fee of $325. 
  • To assist students in need, a fee reduction provision is available on the basis of the total enrollment of the group.
  • In groups of 8 or more participants, one participant can be awarded a tuition reduction to $200.
  • In groups of 10 or more an additional participant may receive the reduction to $200.
  • For groups that meet in prison or jail the fee is reduced to $150 per participant.

Scholarship funds also may be available from the EfM Alumni Association Scholarship Fund supported through annual donations. These are distributed by diocesan coordinators on behalf of the program; the amount available varies from year to year depending on total donations to the fund in the prior year. Assistance is sometimes available through local congregations and dioceses as well.

Enrollment in a seminar group is done through the mentor who will provide a link for online registration. Since groups generally begin their year in either September or January, participants enroll in the month or two prior to the start date. To find a group near you, contact your diocesan coordinator.  The mentor can tell you if space is available in the group.