In addition to seminar groups throughout the USA, EfM can be found in Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the Bahamas, Hong Kong, and across Europe. More than 100,000 persons have participated in the program since its beginning in 1975, and in the United States more than 45,000 have completed the full four years. Ninety-three dioceses of The Episcopal Church have contractual arrangements with EfM, as do these affiliate programs across the Anglican Communion.

EfM Australia
Director – Greg Davies
Website –
EfM Australia Trainers
Barbara Booth
Evelyn Chan
Greg Davies
Gary Harch
Wendy Mabey

EfM New Zealand 
Executive Officer EfM NZ – Michael Butler
EfM New Zealand Board Members
Leanne Munro, Chair
Jean Malcolm, Trainer Representative
Carole Hughes
Brent Swan
Dion Blundell
Richard Norman
EfM New Zealand Trainers
Jean Malcolm
Raewyn Berkahn
Julie Guest

EfM Canada
Director – Annette Cowan
Administrator – Robin Graves
Website –
EfM Canada Trainers
Annette Cowan
Lynne Dillabough
Carol Kysela
Chris Ross
Tim Smart
Jennifer Solem


Director – Christopher Halliday
Website –