How can I become an EfM mentor?

Mentors may be lay or ordained persons. A mentor is not required to be a graduate of EfM. The mentor’s role is to facilitate the work of the group, not to teach the content of the curriculum. EfM mentors must be trained by an EfM trainer and recommended for accreditation. Mentors return to training for re-accreditation within 12-18 months. A mentor must be currently accredited in order to enroll a group each year.

Good mentors will have some experience in serious religious study, have a familiarity with methods of biblical scholarship, possess a mature faith, are able to live with the ambiguity within varied interpretations of the biblical tradition, possess skills that help a group develop its own life, and demonstrate a willingness to perform required administrative duties. Mentors agree to use the Education for Ministry curriculum as designed.




While all in-person training events are suspended during the pandemic, Zoom-based training is being offered. See the calendar below.

Foundations of Seminar Life is the fundamental EfM mentor training. Current accreditation at this level is required in order to register an EfM seminar group.

Formation Training is an advanced training event for experienced mentors who have completed at least two Foundations of Seminar Life trainings, have been accredited as an EfM mentor, and have been recommended by the trainer to participate in a Formation Training. Be sure that you meet these requirements before registering for a formation event.

The EfM Inclusiveness Policy applies to all training events and group seminars.