Join us in congratulating the Rev. Dr. Benjamin King as winner of the 2022 Nelson R. Burr Prize. The prize for excellence and innovation in scholarship, was awarded by the Historical Society of the Episcopal Church for his article, “Church, Cotton, and Confederates: What Bishop Charles Todd Quintard’s Fundraising Trips to Great Britain Reveal About Some Nineteenth-Century Anglo-Catholics,” published in the Summer 2021 issue of Anglican and Episcopal History. (Volume 90, No. 2). King is professor of Christian history, associate dean for academic affairs, and director of advanced degrees at the University of the South, School of Theology.

"I am honored by this award and am grateful to the committee and to the Historical Society of the Episcopal Church for selecting my essay. It is an exciting time to be a historian in our Church. Although it is hard and often dismal work to examine where the Episcopal Church as an institution has been unseeing or sinful, it is nevertheless gratifying that the Church is turning to historians to reveal the past in order to make the institution better in the present."

The Burr prize honors the renowned scholar Nelson R. Burr, whose two-volume A Critical Bibliography of Religion in America (1961) and other works constitute landmarks in the field of religious historiography. A selection committee of the Historical Society determines an author of the most outstanding article in the Society’s journal. The award also honors that which best exemplifies excellence and innovative scholarship in the field of Anglican and Episcopal history.

Chair of the Society's publications committee, Dr. J. Michael Utzinger says, "Part of the committee's decision in selecting Dr. King was not only fine scholarship, but also the timeliness of the article given current conversations in the church."