Do you want to know more about the Bible, Christian Tradition, and Church History?

Are you looking to deepen your faith? Are you hoping to understand how your personal experiences and beliefs bring you closer to God and God's people?

If "yes," EfM (Education for Ministry) may be for you.

EfM is a four-year Christian Formation program founded and administered through the School of Theology of the University of the South at Sewanee. Through study, prayer, worship, and reflection, EfM seminar groups journey together through scripture, church history, and theology.

A seminar group consists of one or two mentors and up to twelve participants. The group meets up to 36 times during the course of a year. Years 1 & 2 study the Hebrew Scriptures, the Gospels, and the New Testament. Year 3 looks at Church History. Year 4 reads systematic theology, developing and enhancing their own practice.

​During a weekly seminar, the group builds an intentional faith-seeking small group by doing these things:

  • Check-in - how has the group encountered and responded to God since the last seminar
  • Worship - participants lead worship
  • Reflect theologically (TR) - after agreeing upon a shared focus, the group examines tradition and culture, paired with experiences and beliefs, concluding with implications for action
  • Study coursework - participants discuss insights, challenges, “aha” moments of assigned readings
  • Hospitality - the group spends time in fellowship.

We meet onsite and online. All in-person.