PathWright is the online home of all digital courses created and curated by EfM, part of the School of Theology, at the University of the South.  Here is what you will find on PathWright.

EfM: Four Year Program

EfM is the beloved 4-year program that has transformed lives for nearly 50 years. We will be rebrand this classic formation program at our 50th-anniversary celebration.

As we prepare to celebrate EfM’s 50th, the following things are in development and will live on PathWright:

EfM: Questions

The short course format in development, which invites small groups to consider a challenging question of faith through 4-6 week seminars. We will begin beta-testing these short courses during Lent 2024.

EfM: Reflections

Interlude books and books written by the faculty of the School of Theology, other current theological articles, and many other materials from our cultural source will be the fodder of a six-week reflective study.

EfM: Dip

A one-year introduction to EfM that will invite participants to experience a small sampling of material from each year of Legacy.

EfM: Training

Asynchronous modules that will enhance our community life and prepare all of us to be lifelong learners and leaders in EfM.

EfM: in Spanish

Spanish-speaking resources for seekers of Christ within the Anglican tradition.