The master of arts program is designed as a general academic degree for people who wish to begin advanced study of theological disciplines in a church-related setting. It involves a two-year course of study, following either a general program or pursuing a concentration in a particular discipline.

What do our students say?

Nathan Stewart, M.A. Bible

The School of Theology offers several unique opportunities for students of biblical studies. The small size of the student body affords students ample time to seek guidance from professors outside the classroom. The ability to engage in Hebrew and Greek language study is coupled with lecture, seminar, and independent study opportunities every semester; these curricular options are expanded through our relationships with the Divinity School at Vanderbilt, as well as the undergraduate college here at Sewanee. Finally, the research necessary for meaningful biblical scholarship is only possible with the resources of a good library and a capable staff that is eager to locate research materials, and Sewanee has that in the Jesse Bell duPont Library.

Allen Doyle, M.A. Religion & Environment

The opportunity to work in a behavioral ecology lab, conduct water chemistry analyses in China, and serve as a laborer on various local farms are likely not the first things that come to mind when thinking about the typical "seminary experience." However, since moving up Monteagle Mountain, I have been afforded these opportunities and more. Having the full resources of a University at your disposal, this transdisciplinary experience has been both constructive and transformative as I pursue a career in academia. My learning is not limited to these old stone buildings but truly begins the moment I step out of these doors. I learned Systematic Theology with local homeowners as we installed roofs together. I learned Old Testament with truck drivers late at night at a local dive joint. I studied the Doctrine of Creation practicing contemplative exercises on the bluff. And the list goes on and on.

Shelby Bowles, M.A. Religion & Environment

Sewanee has given me the opportunity to study the two most important things in my life. The University's partnership between the College of Arts & Sciences and School of Theology makes Sewanee the idyllic place to study the intersection between religion and the environment. Nowhere else can you finish a lecture at a top seminary and then head over to a top college for your next class all in the same university. After I visited I knew I needed to come to Sewanee. The faculty and students create a community here that makes everyone feel at home and welcome. No matter where you come from or how old you are, you feel like you are a part of this community that we all cherish.

Nicholas Liston-Avnaim, M.A. General Track

I am grateful for the community that I have found within the School of Theology; within the University of the South; within Sewanee; and even within the greater region. For me, this continues to be a positive place to learn, raise a family, be challenged, and find like-minded individuals with which to collaborate. This context has much to offer for those perhaps desiring small-town simplicity but aspiring to learn from diverse voices in a sound educational environment. I'm glad to continue my journey here.

The Sewanee Experience