"Will you be diligent in the reading and study of the Holy Scriptures, and in seeking the knowledge of such things as may make you a stronger and more able minister of Christ?" -The Book of Common Prayer

For students who are interested in further education at the graduate level but are not interested in a degree program, the seminary has several options.

Certificate of Ministerial Studies

The Certificate of Ministerial Studies offers additional education and theological training for ordained clergy who were formed in a local environment, and who seek to enhance their professional and spiritual formation and is offered in a hybrid format which combines online sessions and week-long residential intensive sessions in January or June. Coursework includes study in liturgy, preaching, and parish administration. Learn more about this program


Certificate of Theological Studies

The certificate of theological studies is designed for students who wish to pursue residential graduate theological education without earning a degree. The program is shaped in consultation with the student’s advisor to meet the needs of the individual. Learn more about this program


Certificate of Advanced Theological Studies

This certificate is designed for clergy who already have a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) and are seeking advanced coursework alongside students in the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) program. Students participate in two summers of in-person study with other D.Min. students and take four courses (12 credits) of their choosing, without completing a thesis. Concentrations are available in Liturgy and Preaching. Learn more about this program.


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