The doctor of ministry program provides persons actively engaged in professional ministry the opportunity to develop further the attitudes, skills, and knowledge essential to their ministry.


The Advanced Degrees Program at the School of Theology is a summer residency program designed for clergy who have been in ordained ministry for at least three years. Classes are held for three weeks each summer on the campus of the University of the South and additional online coursework is available to students who wish to accelerate their program by taking coursework during the academic year. Beyond the broad scope of the classic doctor of ministry program, we allow for concentrations in liturgy and preaching. We also offer a master of sacred theology for those interested in an advanced degree with a more academic focus.

Being a part of this program means not only learning from some of the brightest theological scholars from across the Anglican Communion, but learning alongside fellow clergy of the highest caliber. While in residence in Sewanee, you learn not only from your professors, but also from your peers. We value what each and every student brings to enrich our community of scholars. 

What Our Students Say

The Rev. Clare E. Barrie

I'm in full-time parish ministry here in Aotearoa New Zealand, and I’ve found that the June residential programme reading and assignment work are able to be balanced with ministry and the needs of my young family. Crucially, the assignment and thesis work are opportunities to apply my learning and research to my own ministry setting, which is allowing me to ground my learning in my context. At the same time, the scholarship and support offered by the faculty at the School of Theology are world-class. Since there’s no equivalent opportunity to study liturgics locally, it was vital to me to find a study programme that was grounded in Anglican tradition and history, and in touch with contemporary liturgical scholarship and practice from around the Anglican Communion, and I’m excited to have found these things at Sewanee.

The Very Rev. Marcus Halley

As a leader in the church, I have learned that one of the ways I can inspire the people under my care to follow the saving way of Jesus Christ is to be inspired myself. The time we spend in class, reading, debating, studying, and learning along with time spent in prayer and in leisure all helps to fill my spiritual tank. I leave every Summer spent on the mountain overflowing with energy, ideas, and feelings a sense of renewal and revival. I will probably have to manufacture a reason to come back once this degree is done in May 2022 because the School of Theology and the Advanced Degrees Program have been mainstays of my spiritual and vocation wellbeing.

The Rev. Peter Wong

The Doctor of Ministry program at the School of Theology is the best opportunity for continuing not only my formation, but for nurturing my network of colleagues throughout the church. The curriculum is challenging and stimulating, but manageable working as the rector of a parish. Both the visiting professors and Sewanee’s own have expanded my horizons and inspired me to be a better teacher for my congregation sharing a greater vision of God’s dream with them as we grow together. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The Rev. Mollie Roberts

For me, the Doctor of Ministry program has been the best possible way to spend my continuing education time and dollars. With top name visiting professors alongside the best seminary faculty to be found, classes are both relevant and challenging. In addition, taking courses with clergy members from around the world and different traditions provides the opportunity for friendships and cultural education that is impossible to duplicate in shorter, less substantive continuing education programs. Being on the Holy Mountain for three weeks in June is worth whatever it takes to make it happen.

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