On this page you will find photo highlights of the Hamilton Hall renovation project as it has progressed since the late fall of 2022.  The most recent photos (above) were taken in July 2024 just weeks before our planned return to the building.

Though most of the renovations have taken place within the walls of Hamilton Hall, we captured this rare shot of heavy equipment preparing the site surrounding the building. This picture was taken during the winter of 2022-2023.



Following the planned abatement processes, renovations began in the early spring of 2023. To mark and honor the occasion, the renovation project was blessed in a special outdoor ceremony. Below are some highlights of the day.

Within a few short months the renovation crew and plans were able to take the dean of the School of Theology, the Very Rev. James F. Turrell, on a our tour of Hamilton Hall's transforming interior.


After a long summer of hard work in 2023, these shots were taken during the framing process in the early autumn of 2023.


The Hamilton Hall renovation project is on schedule for completion during the summer of 2024. Advent semester of the 2024-2025 academic year will take place in the newly renovated Hamilton Hall.