The School of Theology is committed to the task of integrating the various areas of theological study within a basic core curriculum.

The master of arts (M.A.) program of the School of Theology is designed as a general academic degree for people who wish to begin advanced study of theological disciplines in a church-related setting. It involves a two-year course of study, following either a general program or pursuing a concentration in a particular discipline. Advanced standing may be granted to those who come with previous work in the theological disciplines. It also may be the appropriate degree for some ordained American and international students with previous theological study. On its own, this degree does not satisfy the canonical requirements for ordination.

Electives allow students to focus their attention and advance their learning in selected areas of academic and practical interest. Lectures, seminars, and small group discussions all contribute to the ongoing task of critical and practical integration of the traditions of theological learning with life in the contemporary world.

The curriculum for the M.A. requires 49 credit hours for graduation. Specific requirements for the general track are as follows:

General Track

The general track is intended for those who seek a broad grounding in the theological disciplines. Students on the general track complete the core and distribution courses and take elective courses to further their knowledge.

Core Curriculum
Old Testament: Foundations I Old Testament: Foundations II
New Testament: Foundations I New Testament: Foundations II
Church Histories I: Asia & Africa Church Histories II: Europe & North America
Systematic Theology I Systematic Theology II
Introduction to Moral Theology Bibliography, Research, and Writing
Elective curriculum
Ethics (Three Hours) Approved Electives (Eighteen Hours)

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