The 2023 advanced degrees session will take place from June 12 through 30.

Summer 2023

Ancient and Modern Guides for the Spiritual Life of the Pastor

The Rev. Julia Gatta, Ph.D.
Bishop Frank A. Juhan Professor of Pastoral Theology
University of the South


“The theologian is one who prays,” wrote Evagrius of Pontus. This course is intended to assist in the ongoing process of transformation in Christ through encounter with God chiefly, though not exclusively, in prayer. Readings will be selected to help in this process and will include selected writings of Evelyn Underhill, A.M. Allchin, Rowan Williams, The Rule of St. Benedict, and The Cloud of Unknowing. Besides carefully reading the texts, students must be willing to commit each day to thirty minutes of quiet reflection upon them as well as thirty minutes of non-liturgical prayer. 

Preaching with(in) the Global Communion: Learning from International Homiletics

The Rev. David Stark, Th.D.
Assistant Professor of Homiletics
University of the South


This course will examine how preaching is conceived and practiced in a wide range of global contexts, specifically studying insights of international homileticians. 

Rachel's Tears, Hannah's Hopes: Pastoral Liturgies Related to Childbearing, Child loss, Adoption, and Infertility

The Rev. Hilary Bogert-Winkler, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Liturgy
University of the South

In this course, we will examine the liturgical, pastoral, and theological resources related to issues around adoption, childbirth, child loss, foster care, and infertility. We will examine the ways these issues are presented in scripture, and how the Church has sought to address them historically. We will then turn to the liturgies of Enriching Our Worship V to discuss the ways the Episcopal Church's official liturgies address the needs of those going through these experiences, and how these resources can be incorporated into the parish context.

Early Christian Initiation and Eucharist

The Rev. Canon Maxwell E. Johnson. Ph.D.
Professor of Theology (Liturgical Studies)
University of Notre Dame

Spiritual Leadership in Parish Finances: Faithfulness, Witness and Miracles

Dr. Steven Tomlinson
Associate Professor of Leadership and Administration
Seminary of the Southwest

Advanced Degrees Program