On Wed., Feb. 8 the School of Theology of the University of the South welcomed guest lecturer the Rev. Canon Professor Mark Chapman of Oxford University. His lecture entitled “Liturgies of War and Peace,” was be held at 7 p.m. in Convocation Hall. A recording of Professor Chapman's lecture can be viewed below.

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This lecture discusses how liturgical events can be used for the purposes of propaganda. Drawing on two case studies, one from present day Ukraine and one from the First World War, Chapman demonstrates how national myths can be harnessed to promote sympathy for the underdog. The lecture addresses in detail how the great service in support of Serbia in St Paul's Cathedral in London in 1916 helped change the popular mood in Britain. “The lecture raises questions about nationalism and Christianity that are not without relevance for today's conflicts,” explains Chapman. 

"The Rev. Professor Mark Chapman of Oxford is an internationally recognized scholar of the Anglican tradition. We are honored by his presence and look forward to his timely presentation on the twin themes of liturgy and war. I warmly encourage all members of the University and wider community to attend," says the Rev. Robert MacSwain, Associate Professor of Theology at the School of Theology.

The Rev. Canon Professor Mark Chapman is Professor of the History of Modern Theology in the University of Oxford and lectures in sociology of religion. He is Canon Theologian of Truro Cathedral as well as Associate Priest in the Benefice of Garsington, Horspath and Cuddesdon. His research areas include historical and systematic theology, history of Christianity and study of religions. Historical Theology from 1750 (Britain, U.S. & Germany); Ecumenism; Ernst Troeltsch and Liberal Theology; History & Theology of Anglicanism; Secularization Theory; Political and Social Theory and History of Sexuality. Professor Chapman is a prolific author and editor.