Moving Toward our 50th

The Rev. Kevin M. Goodman, Executive Director, EfM.
I wonder if you can imagine such a fulfilling life without EfM. I certainly cannot. My experience of EfM began when I was a small boy. I was nine years old when I first heard the words “Education for Ministry.”

EfM Diocesan Coordinator Promotional & Connection Efforts

Cindy Hargis, Diocesan Relations and Online Coordinator.
We are very grateful to our coordinators for their continued work to promote the program and stay connected with their folks during the past few years. From the beginning of the pandemic until now, coordinators’ creative and willing work has helped us remain a presence in the Episcopal dioceses and beyond.

Learning PathWright

Bobbie Ashley, EfM Registration Specialist. 
I was hired as a Registration Specialist 24 years ago. In 2014, I also added the additional title of Senior Database Coordinator. I had never heard of EfM when I was hired, but quickly learned that EfM is a program and a loving community of people coming together and sharing their faith and beliefs.