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The Formation of Conscience, 62:3

The papers in this issue are the result of a seminar on April 26, 2019, given to honor the work of Dr. Timothy Sedgwick, the Clinton S. Quin Professor of Christian Ethics and vice president and associate dean of academic affairs at Virginia Theological Seminary, retired. Contributors include William Brosend, Gordon Lathrop, Ian Markham, Peter Sedgwick, Tim Sedgwick, Philip Turner, and Ellen Wondra.

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The Sewanee Theological Review

The Sewanee Theological Review (STR) is one of only two significant Anglican journals in the United States. As an outreach publication of the School of Theology, it contributes to the ongoing discussion of, and reflection upon, theological topics. As of Dec. 1, 2020, the STR is on hiatus. Please see the letter below from our editor, Christopher Bryan, for complete details.


At this point in time, we are not taking any new subscriptions. 

At this point in time, we are not accepting any new submissions.

Back Issues

Back issues of the STR are only available online on the ATLA database.

Letter from the Editor

Dec. 1, 2020

Dear Friends and Subscribers,
I have been the editor the Sewanee Theological Review for about 30 years. It has been a marvelous part-time job—enormous fun, extraordinarily interesting, often very satisfying (there are many issues of the Review which I am very proud, and we even won some awards) and only occasionally frustrating! During that time, I’ve had splendid support from our managing editors: for several decades from James Jones, whose work was always immaculate and who consistently held us to the highest production standards. May Jim rest in peace and rise in glory. For the last few years I’ve had and continue to have equally splendid support in the same role from Mary Ann Patterson, who maintains the same high standards and in whose debt I continually stand. I must also express my gratitude to James Dunkly, who has served for more years than either of us probably cares to remember as book review editor, invariably coming up with just what we needed in the way of reviews at just the moment we needed them; and to Wyatt Prunty and Greg Williamson, who as successive poetry editors during my time saw to it that the Sewanee Theological Review was valued highly among readers of poetry and among poets. In addition to all this, I have at all times had wonderful support from faculty of the School of Theology and our various deans. Their creative input has been everywhere apparent.

 Thirty years is, however, 30 years, and it is more than time to depart! As a result of my retirement, publication of the Review will be put on hiatus for the next year while the School of Theology considers its future and catches up on some back issues. The last issue we will publish during this time will be 62:4.

 The School of Theology has determined that these back issues will not be printed in hard copy. Instead, they will go directly to the Atla database, available in most libraries around the world. The School of Theology is therefore offering compensation to any subscribers who feel that they are entitled to a refund. Please send an email to Mary Ann Patterson, with your name, amount of refund, and complete mailing address. Your refund will be mailed to you within 4–6 weeks.

 My thanks to all of you, our readers, who have been so supportive of the Review and of me as editor over so many years. I am in debt to you. God bless you all.

 With my prayers and good wishes,

 The Rev. Dr. Christopher Bryan