Let the Mountain call you Back!

Join us for two days of learning, reunion, and rejuvenation. All registered attendees, including companions, are invited to participate in a range of gatherings including a series of three lectures, a choice of workshops, a semi-formal evening reception, as well as hikes, meals with friends, and time for quiet reflection and prayer.

Organized activities begin the afternoon of Tuesday, Sept. 27 and are scheduled through mid-day on Thursday, Sept. 29. The cornerstone of the event is a series of three lectures entitled “The Word After Babel: Styles, Power, and Silence in Theology,” to be given by guest lecturer, Dr. Mark Jordan of Harvard Divinity School.

Space is limited, so please reserve your spot now.

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Alumni Lecture & Homecoming Highlights
  • Artist Talk and Installation: On Tuesday, Sept. 27 a presentation by artist Laura James, creator of the new Crucifix, will precede the formal installation of the work in the Chapel of the Apostles.
  • Festive evening reception and dinner on the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 28.
  • A choice of workshops to be held on the morning of Thursday Sept. 29:

Developing Leadership Literacies for the Future Church
Led by the Rev. Giulianna Gray and the Rev. Canon Michelle Bolt

Transforming Memory: Confronting Confederate Histories in Episcopal Parishes
Led by the Rev. David Stark, the Rev. Hannah Pommersheim, T'19, and the Rev. Kellan Day, T'19

Churches on the Front Lines of Climate Change
Led by Dr. Andrew Thompson and the Rev. Simion Kinono, T'21

  • Reunion Dinner: On the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 27, the Office of Alumni Relations will host a special reunion dinner for alumni whose graduation year ends in two or seven (for example, 2017, 2012, 2007, 2002, etc.). Alumni from these years and their companions will gather for a festive dinner with fellow classmates at 7 pm at McGriff Alumni House on Georgia Avenue. If you are a reunion year member, please plan to join the reunion dinner and let us know by indicating your attendance on the event registration form.

event Schedule

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About the Lectures

Whether you preach sermons or listen to them, whether you pray to God in the language of the Prayer Book or in silence, whether you prefer religious poetry or academic prose, in every case theological decisions impact how we speak to and about God. In a series of three lectures, Dr. Mark Jordan will guide us through the ways in which the Anglican and Episcopal tradition shapes our common language, and our understanding of God. Dr. Jordan writes:

Anglicans have typically claimed, as a biblical principle, that public prayer and the ministry of sacraments should occur in “a language as the people understandeth.” Applied to “the English tongue,” the commitment has called forth vivid translations of scripture and eloquent prayerbooks, surrounding them with libraries of devotional poetry, affecting hymnody, and robust preaching. Not a few Anglicans boast of their vernacular—or, at least, their versions of English.

Jordan shares their impulse, but feels more strongly the press of basic questions. How are theologians obliged by the many common languages of our verbose present? Which “people” do they address—and how exactly will they help them to “understand”? The lectures will cover three topics:

•    Theological Style and the Need for Beauties
•    Theological Proclamation during a Reign of Slogans
•    Theological Ethics at the Limits of Naming


Each lecture will focus on the tensions in more recent Anglican writing around one topic. Taken together, the lectures will interpret “Anglican” loosely—as befits one of the great indefinables. Pursuing examples of common language about the divine, the lectures will also cut across some academic boundaries, commend some questions, and suggest some conversation-partners. The rest is, as must be, up to the listener.


  • A block of rooms at the Anna House, St. Mary’s Sewanee, has been reserved for alums to book rooms. Call 931.598.5342 to make a reservation by noting the "Alumni Lecture Series."
  • The Sewanee Inn has a block of 25 rooms held for alums to reserve. The online link and booking code are: Link: Alumni Lectures & Homecoming
    Booking code: ALHC22
    If you prefer, you can call the Sewanee Inn at 931.598.3568 to make a reservation by giving the booking code "ALHC22."