B.A., Cambridge University, M.A., Cambridge University, Th.M., Harvard University, Ph.D., Durham University


Benjamin King is professor of Christian history, associate dean for academic affairs, and director of the Advanced Degrees Program. King went to Cambridge University as an undergraduate and as a seminarian, before coming to the U.S.A. to work as a parish priest in 2000. He since attained a master's in theology at Harvard Divinity School and a Ph.D. in theology at Durham University in the U.K. From 2005 to 2009, King was Episcopal chaplain at Harvard University, where he also taught at Harvard Divinity School.

King's first book, Newman and the Alexandrian Fathers: Shaping Doctrine in Nineteenth-Century England, published by Oxford University Press, was awarded a John Templeton Award for Theological Promise in 2011. His second book, a co-edited volume called Receptions of Newman, was published by Oxford University Press in the fall of 2015. He is currently writing a book about the Oxford Movement and the laity that will include Tractarian views on the enslaved, and has co-edited The Oxford Handbook of John Henry Newman, both for Oxford University Press. He has lectured internationally on Newman and is on the working group for the University's Roberson Project on Slavery, Race, and Reconciliation.

The Oxford Handbook of John Henry Newman

Receptions of Newman

Newman and the Alexandrian Fathers, Shaping Doctrine in Nineteenth-Century England

Winner of the 2011 John Templeton Award for Theological Promise