The School of Theology is checking in with alumni about changes and challenges in their lives at this time. How are they finding moments of grace in the midst of chaos? Read on to find out!

Every Day is a Blessing

From Mark Johnston, C'73, T'80 —Retired as executive director of Camp McDowell in Alabama in 2017 after 26 year of service to camp. "I am doing excellent. Maggie still works at McDowell and we still live in the house I built about 20 years ago. We have land that joins camp. It is a beautiful place with a vegetable garden, fruit trees, chickens, and five dogs. You might recall that I have a business on the side. We own a bunch of rental houses including three that are VRBO's. One is on the bay at Fort Morgan where we enjoy going from time to time. Taking care of houses keeps me a little busy from time to time. I have also been flipping a house about once a year. I am also doing some consulting with some camps and not for profits, as well as doing some activist work. Occasionally I put on my collar to bury or marry someone. I am not wanting to work in a parish. This sounds like I am busy all the time, but I am not. Moments of grace? Constantly even in the chaos. Every day is a blessing. I miss all the people from camp, but I do not miss the responsibility. The virus has been tough on camp like most everyone else. I stay in touch with a lot of my old friends."

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

David Elliott, C'61, T'69; St. James Episcopal in Jackson, Mississippi “This is a difficult time for clergy in parishes wanting to be with people in joyful times as well as sad times. We are keeping in touch with committees with ZOOM and calling various parishioners to check with and on them. We are also streaming a live Eucharist each Sunday at 10:05 on our FB page, using only the clergy and four choir members and on our website on Monday. We are also planning Holy Week services now.. We’re working on various and sundry means to bring joy and prayer to the parish. Two of the clergy offer Compline each night. We are asking parishioners to shoot a short video of their family and are going to post them on FB so we can see each other. I have been posting music to my FB page to keep people entertained using such tunes as WIPEOUT by the Safaris; CAN’T TOUCH THIS by M C Hammer; SHAKE, RATTLE, AND ROLL by Joe Turner (Get Outta That Bed Wash Yo Face and Hands); FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH by Buffalo Springfield (Something’s Happening Here What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear) and many others and relating them to what’s happening in our lives and in our homes, asking people to join me with that music as we dance and wipe around the house.”