School of Theology Announces Recipients of the Senior Academic Prizes and Awards

Each year the faculty of the School of Theology, the University of the South, convenes to recognize those graduating students who have displayed exemplary qualities during their residency in Sewanee. On May 3, the School of Theology bestowed prizes and awards to selected students during the last community lunch of the academic year.

The Rt. Rev. J. Neil Alexander, dean of the School, and Vice-Chancellor John McCardell Jr. announced the names of six seniors being recognized for their academic and leadership achievements in the following categories:

  • The School of Theology Prize in Biblical Studies was awarded to Tim Hannon.
  • The School of Theology Prize in Theology and Ethics was awarded to Jamie Osborne.
  • The School of Theology Prize in Historical Studies was awarded to Matt Farr.
  • The School of Theology Community Service Award was awarded to Ryan Mails.
  • The School of Theology Prize in Practical Theology was awarded to Tom Adamson.     
  • Bishop Alard Prize for Excellence in Spanish was awarded to Claire Makins.

Students who had received other awards during their residency were recognized again: Jamie Osborne, recipient of the Woods Leadership Award; and Ryan Mails, recipient of the Freeman Award for Merit. Ashton Sims and Joshua Nelson had previously received William A. Griffin Scholarships for study in the Holy Land.