Alumni Support March For Our Lives

On March 24, Episcopalians from around the country participated in marches against gun violence. You can read more about this here. Many of the School of Theology's alumni participated in the March 24 March for Our Lives, whether it was assembling with community members or escorting the parish's youth to marches across the country. Here are just a few of the stories and photos.

The Rev. Brooks Cato

St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church, Hamilton, NY

The Episcopal Diocese of Central New York

Before the march, there was an ecumenical prayer service at a downtown Episcopal Church with over 150 in attendance. We then joined the rest of the demonstrators, a crowd that is reported to be 1,000 strong but surely had more. Most estimates I heard on the ground figured at least twice that, if not more. It was a gorgeous, if cold, day, and our presence was greatly appreciated. Lots of kind words and smiles and pictures. Read more.


The Rev. Sara Milford

All Saints' Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas

Here is a picture of the crowd gathered in Bentonville, Arkansas. There were about 10–20 peace marshalls who were in neon green/yellow to help make sure folks didn’t engage the counter-protestors (I was one of them—most of us are involved in Moms Demand Action). 

The Rev. Joshua Nelson

St. David's Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Diocese of Northern Indiana

On Saturday 24 March 2018, I had the extraordinary opportunity to answer the call of the bishops of Northern Indiana, Indianapolis, and the ELCA Ohio-Kentucky Synod, to gather at the State House in Indianapolis in support of our young people and The March For Our Lives. A few moments stood out to me.

The day began with a service of prayer and singing at Christ Church Cathedral. While singing "We Shall Overcome," and the stanza "We are not afraid today," I watched as two young children played in the chancel before the altar. I prayed for the day that we might say that phrase for them, and say it in all honesty.

As we stood in line to enter the Indiana State House, new friendships were made and there was a true spirit of common cause and love for each other. I was looking up and down the line when I saw a group from a local United Church of Christ carrying and sharing palm branches to wave along the way. The poignant timing of this march flooded over me. The Parkland shooting was on Ash Wednesday. Now we come to the end of Lent and the eve of Holy Week. Tomorrow we wave those branches for the King of kings. Later this week we recall the day that humanity bent toward violence, giving in so much that we called for the blood of God to be spilled in an act of extreme violence.

Despite the long road ahead, in all this, I am encouraged. The children are leading us. They will show us the way to the Kingdom of God. Just as we will rejoice in the weeks to come, proclaiming eternal life in the hope of resurrection, may we continue that Easter Gospel and one day be able to say "You are loved! Your life matters! It is now safe! Go, and live!"