Kling to Deliver Message of Hope

Dr. Sheri D. Kling has been invited to speak at two events this spring—the inaugural New Story Festival in Austin, Texas, and a symposium at the Claremont School of Theology's Center for Process Studies (CST/CPS). Kling is the executive director of the Beecken Center and associate dean of the School of Theology, University of the South, in Sewanee, Tennessee.

At the New Story Festival, Kling will deliver a music-driven presentation called "Imaginal: Dying and Rising in Story and Song" that interweaves the ancient myth of the descent of Inanna with the scientific story of a caterpillar's metamorphosis into a butterfly to show that we can emerge from experiences of darkness and loss into light and rebirth. At the Claremont symposium, an event that asks if exceptional experience can save the world, she will bring insights as to how dream work as a spiritual practice can foster psycho-spiritual wholeness and transformation.

“As we face personal and societal problems and trauma that can result in despair, it is important to offer messages of hope,” explains Kling. “And both of these engagements are examples of how the Beecken Center is contributing to that public scholarship of hope.”

Kling was invited to participate in the CST/CPS conference because of an article she wrote on English mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead's (1861-1947); how thought can be a valid framework for transpersonal psychology. She also gave a presentation on this subject at the International Transpersonal Conference in Prague in September of 2017. The article will appear in an upcoming issue of The Humanistic Psychologist. The symposium will be held March 21–24 in Claremont, California, with the final presentation being open to the public. For more information, visit https://ctr4process.org/events/.

The Beecken Center is a program partner for the New Story Festival this year, March 29–31. According to New Story Festival organizers, stories “fuel the ways we live in this world and relate to one another. This event seeks to lead us into a better story—one that encourages growth and liberation, healing and harmony; a story where the downtrodden are uplifted and everyone is included.” 

For more information about the festival, visit https://register.newstoryfestival.com/event/The-New-Story-Festival/code/NSF1036.