King and MacSwain Contribute Chapters in New Book on David Brown

The Rev. Dr. Robert MacSwain, associate professor of theology, and the Rev. Dr. Benjamin King, associate professor of Church history, have both published chapters in a festschrift for David Brown: Christian Theology and the Transformation of Natural Religion: From Incarnation to Sacramentality—Essays in Honour of David Brown, edited by Christopher R. Brewer (Leuven: Peeters, 2018).


MacSwain's chapter is titled “The Tradition of Reason: David Brown, Joseph Butler, and Divine Hiddenness” and King's is "Raising the Barr on MacIntyre: Understanding Newman Better." David Brown was MacSwain's Ph.D. supervisor at Durham and St. Andrews, and was King's dissertation examiner at Durham. 


MacSwain also contributed a chapter titled “Moving Texts and Mirror Neurons: David Brown and Eleonore Stump on Biblical Interpretation,” in another recent volume focused on Brown: The Moving Text: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on David Brown and the Bible, edited by Garrick V. Allen, Christopher R. Brewer, and Dennis F. Kinlaw III (London: SCM Press, 2018).