Cobb Joins School of Theology Staff

On Aug. 1, the Rev. David Cobb will join the staff of the School of Theology as the associate in the offices of Contextual Education and Advanced Degrees. This is a newly created position that will provide support for the two programs in the areas of administration, programs, and student services.

"David has a pastor's heart and a great deal of know-how borne of his years in parish ministry,” shared Benjamin King, director of the Advanced Degrees Program. “I am excited to have him involved in advanced ministerial education."

Cobb was ordained in the Diocese of Alabama in 1983 and began his parish work in Selma and Carlowville. His parish service continued outside the diocese, as he was later called to Chicago, Baltimore, and New Haven, Connecticut. In Chicago, he served as a field education mentor for students from Seabury-Western and in Baltimore he was the chair of the examining chaplains and also served on the Commission on Ministry. At Christ Church, New Haven, where he served as rector for 12 years, he supervised field education students from Berkeley at Yale and General Seminary. Also at Christ Church, he established an Episcopal Service Corps program that included three houses of young adults involved in an intentional community—practicing theological reflection and spiritual formation while engaged in a wide-range of community service projects.  

Cobb served as the founding provincial convener for the Society of Catholic Priests, an organization associated with the Society in Great Britain that focuses on a serious sacramental theology, disciplined priestly spirituality, and evangelism. He recently edited a revision of the St. Augustine’s Prayer Book, a manual of prayers and devotion, at the request of the Order of the Holy Cross, published by Forward Movement. He is the immediate past president of the Board of the Society for the Increase of the Ministry, an agency focused on financial support for seminarians preparing for ordination. 

“It is a real delight to welcome David to the staff of the School of Theology,” said Bishop Alexander, dean of the School. “His rich experience as a priest and his knowledge of the Church will make him an invaluable resource for our students as they prepare for parish placements, internships, and other learning opportunities.”