Nickie Peardon

Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Nickie Peardon joined the School of Theology staff Aug. 10th as administrative assistant to the dean. She began her career at Sewanee more than six years ago as office coordinator in Physical Plant Services and, most recently, in the dean of students office. Prior to coming to the University, Nickie spent decades in telecommunications with a major emphasis as a customer service trainer. 

In addition to her job duties, Nickie is currently serving as staff trustee after being elected in March of 2014. "Being elected staff trustee was one of the greatest honors bestowed upon me and I'm grateful for the trust of my peers.  It is an honor and privilege to be the voice of our employees on the Board of Trustees, and to be of service to the University."

Nickie, husband Ricky, and 18 year old daughter, Tiara, live in Haletown, Tenn.