Contextual Education

“Make your education valuable. Apply what you learn. Refuse to take the back seat and watch things happen. Join the change and be part of the change.”― Israelmore Ayivor

For a seminarian, the phrase “practice what you preach” means more than it might to the rest of us—it is, after all, impossible to learn ministry without doing any ministering. Students at the School of Theology are lucky to receive an outstanding contextual education experience. In fact, according to a recent evaluation by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), Sewanee’s contextual education program is one of the seminary’s “distinctive strengths.”

Today, contextual education at the School is some of the most robust and enriching formation a seminarian can receive anywhere. Ours is a holistic approach, based on an action/reflection model, where practical efforts cohere directly with theological education. This approach gives students “a sense of connectedness”—they know how every part of their training—both theoretical and practical—grounds their theology and ministry.