Associate Rector, Lewisville, TX

The Episcopal Church of the Annunciation
Lewisville, Texas

Job Description for the Associate for Ministry Development

The Episcopal Church of the Annunciation was established in 1961, just north of our current location, in an effort to meet the needs of Episcopalians in the northwestern suburbs of Dallas. We are a mid-size parish, with 230 congregants each Sunday, attending three morning services. Annunciation is what one might call a large transitional-sized parish because we have been functioning as an oversized pastoral-sized congregation, but over the past five years have made a concerted effort to become the program-sized parish God intends us to be. As part of that effort, and in recognition of the need for additional clergy support, the Vestry has committed to hiring a full-time associate clergy person to help move the church beyond 300 congregants on a Sunday, thus completing the transition that began years ago.

We are very clear about our purpose for being: By the grace of God, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are called to build relationships with Jesus Christ and with each other.

We achieve our purpose in the following ways:
 We gather together in worship and fellowship.
 We grow in faith and in knowledge of Christ.
 We serve the church, the community and the world.
 We care for people of all ages and stages of life.
 We share God’s love with all people.

All of our ministries should serve to draw us closer to Christ and to one another. To that end, we are not afraid to try new ministries, or to let them go if they no longer serve God’s purpose in the way they were originally intended. With prayerful guidance, we want to expand our diverse and inclusive ministries in order to make God’s love and purpose known both to parishioners and to the community we are called to serve.

We cannot achieve our full potential with one full-time clergy person. After considering the needs of our parish, we are looking for these qualities in our Associate in order to reach that potential. We are seeking someone who is:
 Entrepreneurial with innovative approaches to ministry
 Passionate about reaching people for Christ
 Self-motivated
 Energized by people
 Compassionate

Our ideal candidate:
 Understands preaching should be relevant to daily life.
 Uses teachable moments to enhance the spiritual capacity of God’s people.
 Has a sense of humor.
 Sees challenges as opportunities, not obstacles.

You would be responsible for the following:
 Devise and carry out a plan to assist ministry leaders in identifying and training new leaders for ministry.
 Track new members for their first two years, and maintain close contact until they are integrated into our church family.
 Empower members to take a step forward in their spiritual development by encouraging them to take advantage of opportunities for growth, which would be developed together with the staff.
 Develop a system by which we monitor our “back door” and notify ministry leaders and/or the Rector if contact needs to be made.
 Increase the church’s presence in the community by actively developing relationships with community leaders, in cooperation with our Director for Outreach.
 Increase the evangelistic efforts of ministries within the church by identifying ways in which they can engage with our neighbors in an intentional and thoughtful way.

You will share responsibility with the Rector in the following:
 Preaching, presiding at services, and pastoral care.
 Prepare for, preach, and preside at some weddings and funerals.
 Plan worship by season in collaboration with others.
 Lead/teach Christian formation classes for adults.
 Participate in youth mission trips and VBS, as needed.
 Participate in weekly staff meetings.
 Participate in monthly Vestry meetings, and the Annual Parish Meeting.
 Participate in parish activities and events based on interest and time.

Education and Qualifications
 Must have a Masters of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary.
 Must take Safe Church training and follow all necessary precautions.
 Must pass a background check.

Compensation & Benefits
 Total clergy compensation is based upon diocesan norms and experience, some of which may be allocated as housing (per IRS guidelines). This includes an allowance for cell phone usage and provisions for continuing education.
 Four weeks paid vacation
 One week paid continuing education time
 Six weeks paid parental leave in the event of birth or adoption of a child
 Health insurance and dental plan, per Episcopal Diocese of Dallas policies
 Church Pension Group plan
 Initial two-year commitment, renewable annually, dependent upon realized growth in size of congregation and in stewardship, thus eliminating the need for future deficit spending in order to cover the cost of the Associate’s total compensation.


This is a full-time position.

Deadline for submitting an application is April 15, 2019.


Submit cover letter, resume, CDO profile and references to