‘Alma Mater, Sewanee, my glorious mother ever be. I will give my all to thee, God bless thee to eternity…’

When you become a student at the School of Theology, you join in a rich tradition and legacy. Signing the matriculation book makes you a part of the Sewanee family, and your time here marks you as one of Sewanee’s own forever. You don’t leave this place with just what you learned in class, you leave here with skills for ministry, with friendships, with companions for the journey. Perhaps most importantly you leave here with an enduring connection to this place. The School of Theology will continue to serve as a resource throughout your vocation, that won’t stop simply because you’ve completed your degree.

Many graduates continue relationships with faculty who are happy to help answer questions and think through situations. We’re here when you need to get away, to do more research, when you need continuing education, when you need advice and support, and when it’s time for you to start your advanced degree.


Come Home

We love when alumni come back to visit us. You’re of course welcome to visit anytime, however we’d especially like to see you at the annual Alumni Gathering at the DuBose Lectures. You can learn more about that and nominate fellow alumni for the DuBose Award there.

Need a place to get away and work on a project? You may also want to consider applying for a fellowship or taking part in some of our other continuing education opportunities.



Do you love Sewanee and the experiences it has provided you? Were you offered financial aid or a scholarship? Do you enjoy the great faculty and staff at Sewanee? We could go on and on with questions like this, and I bet you would say 'yes' to many of them. Truth is, these things would not be possible without the support of generous alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and student donors. Consider helping us raise up the next generation of church leaders.

What can I give to?

You can give to nearly anything that is meaningful to you!

  • School of Theology (general support)
  • Scholarships/financial aid
  • Faculty development
  • Educational programs for laypersons and clergy
  • School of Theology Building for the seminary and the Beecken Center

How do I give?

The easiest way to make a gift is to click this link. You may also make a gift by check, please contact to Sukey Byerly, by email or phone, 931.598.1217.


Stronger Truer Sewanee

Stronger Truer Sewanee will help to prepare a new generation of church leaders through a superb seminary education and programs for laity. Through resources made available by the campaign, we will move the School of Theology to its historic home on central campus and bolster financial aid, ensuring that all graduates begin their ministries with no debt related to their seminary education. New programs for laity at the Beecken Center will complement ordained ministry by building the church from the grassroots.


Want to learn more? Ready to give? Click here


Alumni Council

The following alumni serve as class stewards on the School of Theology Alumni Council. Note the class years they represent and feel free to contact them.

Class Years 1944–1965

The Rev. W. Gedge Gayle Jr., T’63, T’76

Class Years 1966–1970

The Rev. Richard Bridgford, T’68

Class Years 1971–1975

The Rev. Peter Casparian, T’74

Class Years 1976–1980

The Rev. Robert Park Morpeth, T’78

Class Years 1981–1985

The Rev. Dr. Rufus Stanley Runnels, T’83, T’12

Class Years 1986–1990


Class Years 1991–1995

The Rev. Dr. Susan Bear, T’94, T’07

Class Years 1996–2000

The Rev. Danny Schieffler, T’99

Class Years 2001–2003

The Rev. Vicki T. Burgess, T’03, P’16

Class Years 2004–2005

The Rev. Kirkland “Skully” Knight, T’04

Class Years 2006–2008

The Rev. Dr. Gary Butterworth, T’08, T’13

Class Years 2009–2010

The Rev. Dr. Catherine Hudson Collier, T’09

Class Years 2011–2014

The Rev. Abi White Moon, C’87, T’11

Class Years 2015-2017

The Rev. Michael Thomas McCain, T’16


Class Standings

How does my class giving compare with others? You can check all classes giving totals and percentages here.