Our Students


Currently the seminary has 77 students enrolled in the residential programs. Over the past 11 years, the seminary has enrolled, on the average, 20 students per year in the three-year residential M.Div. program. The Advanced Degrees Program students (summer term) number 69. There are an additional 15 students enrolled in the non-degree program for a total of 161 year-round students.


The new classes of 2017, 2018, and 2019 include 31 new students enrolled in a variety of degrees including M.Div., M.A., and D.A.S., and represent 39 different dioceses from all regions of the country including Hawaii. Five international students hail from Southern Malawi, Bermuda, Nigeria, and Liberia. Thirty-nine percent of the class is female and 61 percent is male. Thirty-nine percent of the new students are single and 61 percent are married. Of the new incoming students, 35 percent are under the age of 30 and 13 percent report ethnicity other than Caucasion. The School of Theology continually aspires to be a diverse and welcoming community in every sense of the word.


The School prides itself in having a flourishing community for its seminarians, faculty, and staff alike. It is this traditional residential model—of worshiping together, living together, and studying together—that has the proven benefit of building relationships across all possible boundaries and forming priests for the challenges of today's church.


The School of Theology is actively engaged with the students to assist them in finding employment upon graduation. According to a survey by the CPG Research Group, Church Pension Fund, on Episcopal seminaries in January 2012, School of Theology alumni/ae have the highest rate of employment, 88%, after five years after graduation. Since 2012, 100% of those graduates seeking placement have found employment within three months of graduation.

Financial Aid

The School of Theology of the University of the South offers generous financial aid to supplement seminary students’ own resources and the financial support of the parishes and dioceses that send them. The majority of our students graduate with little to no theological education debt.

The University of the South Policy on Prohibited Discrimination

The University of the South stands firmly for the principle that its students and employees (faculty and staff) have a right to be free from discrimination and harassment based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, veterans’ status, and genetic information and free from sexual misconduct, in its educational programs and activities and with regard to employment. The University also prohibits retaliation against any person who brings a good faith complaint under this policy or is involved in the complaint process. Conduct that violates this policy may also violate state or federal law. Students or employees who violate this policy will be disciplined, which may include dismissal from the University or termination from employment. Read the complete policy here.