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Launching a New Year: A Community Gathering

A community gathering at All Saints' Chapel on the afternoon of Aug. 26 gave attendees the chance to hear individuals in various positions of leadership express their vision for the upcoming academic year. The new associate provost, Dr. John Swallow, C'89, introduced himself to the group.

Student leaders and Vice-Chancellor John McCardell took turns addressing the gathering, each expressing their aspirations for the academic year ahead. Stanford Adams, president of the St. Luke's community, spoke on behalf of The School of Theology. He shared his vision of how we can be the Christians we are meant to be in the year to come. See Adams' address in its entirety.

McCardell said that this day's gathering of the community reminds us all of the start of a new academic year and affords an opportunity to chart our course for the year ahead. He welcomed the students – the new students, the Class of 2015, and those returning students. He covered a variety of topics — tuition, the University's strategic and master planning process, and greek life — and concluded with a story from a Sewanee legend, Willie Six, who was quoted as saying, "The best year is “the one comin’ up.” Read the Vice-Chacellor's remarks in their entirety.