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Holloway Invited to National Security Forum

Dr. Paul Holloway, professor of New Testament, has been invited by the Secretary of the Air Force to participate in the 61st Annual National Security Forum, hosted by the Air War College (AWC) in Montgomery, Ala., May 6–8, 2014.

The purpose of the forum is to share perpectives between key civic leaders, senior military officers, and highly experienced government civilians on current and future topics pertaining to strategic leadership, national security, decision making, warfighting, and global security. The forum's objective is to broaden attendees' awareness and attain a mutual understanding on the topics discussed. The lecture and seminar format allows for the inclusion of a wide range of viewponts dealing with current national security strategies.

Invitees to this forum are articulate, critcal thinkers who have little or no prior military affiliation. Members of the clergy and theological fields are regularly included along with business executives, community leaders, educators, media representatives, and medical personnel. Guests will engage with senior U.S. and international military officers to provide personal perspectives on national and international topics.