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How to Market Your Church 2013

Hargrove Auditorium,

For the second annual marketing workshop, the contextual education department and the office of marketing and communications will bring experts to The School of Theology to provide tips, techniques, and training in the use of technology and social media to enhance and support parishes in their marketing and communications efforts. The workshop is free and open to the public.

Last year, Jake Dell, senior manager of digital marketing and advertising in The Episcopal Church's office of communication, explained why it was important to apply marketing strategies to get your church noticed. “The tools exist, and the knowledge is out there to spread our message effectively,” said Dell. “The marketing and advertising world knows how to do this, and it’s there for the church’s taking. I have a lot of faith in the idea that marketing can grow mission and congregations.”

The materials from last year’s workshop may be found here.

This year’s program includes the following topics and speakers:

Overall Church Marketing Strategies
The Rev. Furman Buchanan, T’06, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Greenville, S.C.,
• How his past experience as president of a marketing company has helped him market his church

How to Effectively Use Social Media
Randall Curtis, ministry developer for young adults and youth, Diocese of Arkansas
• Social media — what it is, how to use it, great ideas for building and engaging your targeted audience
• Blogs and low cost website alternatives

The Dos and Don’ts of Website Content
Mary Ann Patterson, director of marketing and communications, The School of Theology
• The most effective content for your website — it’s not always what you think!
• Content management — best practices