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Bowron and Eaton in Residence at The School of Theology

Fellows-in-residence are clergy and laity who spend two weeks at The School of Theology for a time of reflection, recreation, study, and sharing in community. While there is no formal program, fellows are provided with faculty consultants, if they so desire, and opportunities to attend classes and other University events.

On March 24, The School of Theology welcomes two fellows-in-residence.

The Rev. Joshua D. Bowron
Bowron is the  senior assistant to the rector at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Charlotte, N.C. He received his M.Div. in 2011 from The School of Theology. He will be working on a book, tentatively titled: Paul and Prisoner 24601: An Incomplete Theological Libretto. It is a layperson’s guide to the life and thinking of Saint Paul. He intends to spend his fellowship time by doing the primary research for the fourth and final section of the book on Eschatology and Apocalypticism. Bowron would also like to continue his study of eschatology, especially the ecclesial dimensions of eschatology namely through the work of David Brown and Stanley Hauerwas.

The Very Rev. Peter Eaton
Eaton is the dean at Saint John’s Cathedral in Denver, Colo. He was a fellow in residence at The School of Theology in the spring of 1995. He will be working on three projects: 1) the completion of a doctoral thesis for the University of Oxford on ecumenical theology; 2) a new translation of John Chrysostom’s treatise On the Priesthood for the Popular Patristics series published by Saint Vladimir’s Seminary Press; and 3) writing a chapter on Anglican-Orthodox relations during the 20th century for a new 5-volume history of Anglicanism to be published by Oxford University Press.