The School of Theology. Sewanee: The University of the South


A Day for Senior Awards and Recognition

On April 24, The School of Theology community gathered in the Chapel of the Apostles in celebration of the upcoming commencement events. The Eucharist service featured the presentation of St. Luke’s crosses to each of the students scheduled to graduate on May 10.

According to Don Armentrout’s book, The Quest for the Informed Priest, St. Luke's Hall (the original seminary) was named St. Luke's at the request of Charlotte Manigault, who provided the funding. The building and naming of St. Luke’s chapel followed. Other things appropriated the name unofficially over time — St Luke's community referred to the student body and the St. Luke's Cross was given to graduates. Armentrout references Bishop Quintard's diary, in which Quintard says Manigault wanted it named St. Luke's to honor Quintard, who was once a physician.

Following the service, the Rt. Rev. J. Neil Alexander, dean of The School of Theology, bestowed recognitions and awards during the community lunch. He was accompanied by the University of the South’s Vice-Chancellor John McCardell for the presentations of the awards.

Several current seniors have previously received awards during their time at the School and those achievements were recognized again on this day:

  • Colin James Mathewson was recognized at Founder's Day 2011 for having received the Woods Leadership Award, presented to a member of the junior class who has most successfully taken the initiative in assuming a leadership role in the class.
  • Laurel Rae Mathewson, at the DuBose Lectures banquet in 2011, received the Freeman Award for Merit, established by the Rev. Reed H. Freeman and his wife, Nancy, and awarded to a rising middler who has demonstrated outstanding academic performance and promise in the junior year. 
  • In the spring of 2012, Fritz Quinn Parman, William Steve White, Foster Marshall Mays, and Lauren Wynn Farrinton Flowers were awarded the William A. Griffin Scholarships, given each year to enable students to study in the Holy Land.  The fund was established to celebrate the ministry William A. Griffin, former professor of Old Testament at The School of Theology from 1959–1988, and was endowed by Professor Griffin’s wife, Anne Griffin, and her daughter, Shore Griffin, and other donors.  
  • Joycelyn Dominick Stabler received the 2012–13 Gessell Fellowship in Social Ethics, established in 2004 by the Rev. Dr. John M. Gessell, professor emeritus of The School of Theology, to support student research and practice in the discipline of social ethics and theory. Her project was entitled “Family Stories: A Genogram of The School of Theology.” 

The class officers were recognized for their leadership and service to the School:

  • Joycelyn Dominick Stabler was elected as student body president and served through the fall semester of this academic year. She represented the School to the University’s governing bodies and to The School of Theology faculty.
  • Quinn Parman, as senior class representative, kept the pulse of the community, especially as it related to the senior class. 

The Chapel of the Apostles’ sacristans were asked to stand in recognition for the important role they play in the community’s worship:

  • Brooks Arthur Cato, Head Sacristan
  • Mollie Marcia Roberts
  • Foster Marshall Mays
  • Candice Burk Frazer

The following awards were given to the students who exhibited the most outstanding academic achievement in the following categories:

The School of Theology Prize in Biblical Studies and The Urban T. Holmes III Prize for Excellence in Preaching were awarded to Lauren Wynn Farrington Flowers, an M.Div. student from the Diocese of Central Gulf Coast.

The School of Theology Prize in Theology and Ethics was awarded to William Outlan Burgess, an M.A. student.

The School of Theology Prize in Historical Studies was awarded to Laurel Rae Mathewson, an M.Div. student from the Diocese of San Diego.

The Bishop Leopoldo Alard Prize for Excellence in Liturgical Reading in Spanish was awarded to Colin James Mathewson, an M.Div. student from the Diocese of San Diego.

The School of Theology Community Service Award was awarded to Grant Anthony Stokes, an M.Div. student from the Diocese of Western North Carolina.