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Alumni/ae Council

The following alumni/ae serve as class stewards on The School of Theology Alumni Council. Note the class years they represent and feel free to contact them.

Class Years 1944–1965
The Rev. W. Gedge Gayle, Jr., T’63, T’76

Class Years 1966–1970
The Rev. Richard Bridgford, T’68

Class Years 1971–1975
The Rev. Peter Casparian, T’74

Class Years 1976–1980
The Rev. Dr. Henry King Oehmig, T’77

Class Years 1981–1985
The Rev. Harry Crandall, T’83

Class Years 1986–1990
The Rev. Randolph Harrison West, T’90

Class Years 1991–1995
The Rev. Dr. Susan Bear, T’94, T’07

Class Years 1996–2000
The Rev. Danny Schieffler, T’99

Class Years 2001–2003
The Rev. Vicki T. Burgess, T’03

Class Years 2004–2005
The Rev. Kirkland “Skully” Knight

Class Years 2006–2008
The Rev. Gary Butterworth, T’08

Class Years 2009–2010
The Rev. Dr. Catherine Hudson Collier, T’09

Class Years 2011–2015
The Rev. Abi White Moon, C’87, T’11

Why give to the School of Theology Annual Fund?

Tuition, fees, and endowment income don't cover the total cost of running the seminary. Your gift ensures that the School of Theology will:
• continue its commitment to providing need-based financial aid.
• maintain and update the divinity section of the Jessie Ball duPont Library.
• purchase needed materials and technologies for seminary faculty and students.
• maintain classrooms in Hamilton Hall and worship space in the Chapel of the Apostles.
• maintain and upkeep the Fowler Center.
• afford adequate salaries for its dedicated faculty and staff.

When should I make my gift?

As in most academic institutions, Sewanee’s fiscal year starts July 1 and end June 30, and is not based on the tax or calendar year. Once you make an annual fund gift within the fiscal year period, we will not continue to call, write, or email you to request another annual fund gift until after July of the next fiscal year. You may also set up a sustaining pledge, and we will only send you reminders each year until you tell us otherwise.

Can I make a gift in honor or in memory of someone?

Yes! You can make an annual fund gift in honor or in memory of anyone you like. The person or family of the person honored/memorialized will receive notification that your gift (excluding the amount) was made. In the annual donor recognition report, your kind gesture will also be listed.

I can't afford to make what I think is a meaningful gift this year. My small gift would be a drop in the bucket. How can it make a difference?

Every gift, large or small, has an impact. Every dollar contributed to the annual fund helps the seminary meet its daily needs. Some foundations and other grant-making organizations look at giving percentages rather than total amounts when determining grant requests. Your gift, viewed as a vote of confidence, could help Sewanee secure thousands of dollars in funding.

1% Gift for Theological Education: An opportunity to transform lives in this world now and forever

The School of Theology is grateful to congregations that provide support through the 1% Gift for Theological Program. At every General Convention since the 1980’s, the Episcopal Church has passed a resolution asking each congregation to set aside a minimum of One Percent of its annual budget (net disposable budgeted income) to support theological education at one of the accredited Episcopal seminaries. Unlike seminaries of other major denominations, Episcopal seminaries receive no national budgetary support from the denomination they seek to serve. At Sewanee, every penny contributed is dedicated to student support, such as Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) fees and expenses, field education expenses, the spiritual direction program, counseling for students and families, the work scholarship program, etc. All expenses are carefully overseen and audited, and are annually reviewed for their relevance to the quality of students’ formation for ministry. For more information about Sewanee’s One Percent Gift program, contact Church Development Officer Sukey Byerly,, 931.598.1217.

Theological Education Sunday

Theological Education Sunday (TES) is officially recognized on the first Sunday in February. Click here to read more.

Letter from a Class Steward

One of the “perks” of serving on the Alumni Council for The School of Theology is that it gives me an excuse and an opportunity to revisit the campus twice a year. It’s been 50 years since I first found my way to Sewanee, following an AAA Trip Tick along twisting mountain roads that barely had route numbers and through towns that were known only in Country/Western songs.  Why in the world would my bishop want me to come to a place like this, when I would be so happy in the D.C. area or New York City?

Today I slip up the mountain on a remarkable section of Interstate engineering. Much of what I find is very different. The pack of free-range dogs is gone. Some of the old buildings have been reconfigured and new ones built. The dreaded Gailor Dining Hall has been replaced by a world class eating facility. A new Sewanee Inn is under construction right now, and it will be stunning. Very few of my old friends are still on the mountain.

But much remains the same at Sewanee. Hospitality reigns supreme. Worship is inspiring and stimulating. A sense of culture and gentility endures. And as I talk to students, faculty, and staff, I recognize the excitement of a very special learning community committed to preparing the best possible priests to go down from that mountain and carry the Gospel of Christ into cultures and venues all over the world. The enthusiasm, joy, anxiety, and creativity exceed even that of my own memories.

As I talk with alumni in the “classes of old” for which I serve as steward, the two comments that I hear over and over are: “Sewanee really gave me what I needed to be a priest” and “I don’t know where the dean found the money to help me make it, but I arrived with nothing, and they made it happen.” I imagine it happened because some caring alumni made it happen. And now, it’s our turn.

This year’s incoming class is a young class. Their resources are limited, but their energy, enthusiasm, joy, and commitment are abundant. We need that energy and enthusiasm in our church just as fast as we can get it. We have to make it happen, you and I. We have to do for them, what someone once did for us.

The Rev. Richard Oliver Bridgford, Class of 1968.