The School of Theology. Sewanee: The University of the South

Spiritual Directors

The office for community life is responsible for maintaining a list of spiritual directors and confessors for seminarians and their spouses.

School of Theology Committees

School of Theology Committees

The School of Theology committees are comprised of students, faculty, and staff that engage with the community at large.

School of Theology Resources

The seminary and the programs center comprise The School of Theology. Both have valuable resources for use by students enrolled in either institution.

Hire Calling

Hire Calling is a program of The School of Theology that assists seniors and graduates with their transition to employment with the Episcopal Church.

Spousal Employment

See what employment options are available for spouses or other family members while living on the Mountain.

Life on the Domain

“The Mountain,” as Sewanee’s home is sometimes called, is known for its serenity and panoramic beauty.

University Resources

Being part of the University of the South provides a rich variety of resources made available to School of Theology students.