The School of Theology. Sewanee: The University of the South

Tuition & Fees

2015-16 Tuition and Fees for Degree Programs

Pre-registration deposit: $100
Paid when applicant accepts admission; nonrefundable but credited at registration to the tuition charge when the admitted applicant registers.

All regular students (full-time) and non-degree-seeking students (full-time)*
Tuition: $16,106
One-half payable by due date each semester.
*A person taking 12 credit hours per semester is considered a full-time student and will be charged full tuition and fees.

Academic Year Fees
Activities fee: $264
Wednesday lunch fee: $278
Vehicle registration fee: $100

Medical insurance: The student must provide a copy of his or her health insurance card to the registrar at registration.

University housing: $456-1,298 per month

Estimated cost for books: $1,700 per year.

Part-time students:
Fee per credit hour at the seminary: $672
AUDIT fee per credit hour at the seminary: $231

Summer Term (June 2016 Program) Fees

Tuition and fees are payable no later than June 10, 2016.

Registration deposit: $100 (paid when applicant accepts admission and with each summer’s registration; nonrefundable but credited to the tuition charge at registration.)

Fees: 2016 fees to be determined (approx. $65)

University housing: 2016 rate to be determined (approx. $540)

Board: 2016 Rate to be determined (approx. $450)

Tuition per course: $1,485 (Courses are three-credit hours)

Tuition per credit hour: $495

Audit fee per course: $285

There is a $150 continuance fee to stay in the program for those missing a summer.

Explanation of Tuition and Fees

  • All regular course work at The School of Theology
  • Up to two courses any semester in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Limited services of the health and counseling offices while school is in session. (Health office services are available to students only.) The Associate Dean for Community Life can provide additional information about counseling services.
  • Use of the facilities of the student union (Bishop's Common).
  • Limited support for student organizations as determined by the student executive committee
  • Vehicle registration fee is required and covers one or more vehicles belonging to the same owner.
  • Penalty fees may be charged for late or incomplete registration, re-examinations, make-up examinations, or for removal at the end of a grading period of a mark of “Incomplete.”
  • In addition to general expenses, students will have other living expenses that will vary in accordance with their individual circumstances and household size.

Payment of Fees

Full-time, academic-year tuition is billed each semester as one-half of the total annual amount and is due in August and January, 10 days before each semester starts. Part-time, academic-year tuition is billed in full for each semester and due in August and January, 10 days before each semester starts. Academic-year fees are billed in full at the start of the first semester and are due 10 days before the semester starts. Summer term tuition, fees and expenses are billed in April and payable by June 1 each summer.

For many academic-year students with sufficient financial need, the actual amount of financial aid is more than the fees payable. The difference will be refunded to the student, subject to holdback for rental housing commitments or outstanding debt. Students who prefer to pay educational expenses in installments may want to consider one of the deferred payment plans offered by commercial lending organizations. Information about such plans is available from the Office of Financial Aid. The university accepts installment payments of semester charges only by means of one of these plans.

Any balance remaining on the student bill, after credit for financial aid, must be paid in full by the due date; the University accepts monthly payment only by means of the plans mentioned above. No student who has any past due balance on his or her account will be permitted to register for classes or obtain a transcript of grades.

Spouses/Partners of Seminary Students

Seminary student spouses/partners may audit one course each semester, for no fee, at The School of Theology with permission of the instructor.  They may also, with the approval of the dean, take one course each semester for credit at The School of Theology for a fee of $50.  Spouses may also, with the approval of the dean, audit one course per semester at the College of Arts and Sciences for a fee of $100.  Additional courses for audit or credit may be taken for the full appropriate tuition.

For more information about the 2014–15 academic year tuition and fees, please see the catalog.