The School of Theology. Sewanee: The University of the South

The Spirituality of Preaching

The Spirituality of Preaching [3]
The Rev. Martin Smith

This course will focus on three aspects of the spirituality of preaching. Participants will explore ways in which they appropriate the vocation and identity of the preacher, and the ‘way of the preacher’ as a spiritual path. We will examine sermon preparation as a spiritual practice, and consider various meditative disciplines that may contribute to its depth. And we will reflect on the act of preaching as a religious experience of co-creativity with God.

Participants prepare for the course by reading:

Ruthanna Hooke, Transforming Preaching, Church Publishing 2010

Thomas G. Long, Preaching From Memory to Hope, Westminster John Knox 2009

Martin L. Smith, The Words for Passion: Preaching as the Meeting Place of Divine and Human Desire, 1996 (Booklet available in PDF format on application from Shawn Horton,