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Louis Weil Biography

Louis Weil is the Hodges-Haynes Professor Emeritus of Liturgics at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, where he began teaching in 1988. Prior to that, he had taught for seventeen years at Nashotah House in Wisconsin. He began teaching in 1961 as a member of the faculty of El Seminario Episcopal del Caribe, in Carolina, Puerto Rico. He is a priest of the Episcopal Diocese of California.

Weil was born in Houston, Texas, in 1935, and received his B.Mus. at Southern Methodist University in 1956. He received the M.A. in musicology at Harvard in 1958, and then entered the General Theological Seminary in NYC, where he received he S.T.B. in 1961. At that time, he accepted an assignment as a missionary priest in the Diocese of Puerto Rico, where he served congregations in the central mountains. During those same years he was teaching at the seminary near San Juan.

In the field of liturgical studies, Weil’s interests have been wide-ranging, with a primary focus upon the sacraments of initiation and the Eucharist. Other interests have included the place of children in the worshiping community, and the relation of the arts to Christian faith and practice. His published books include: Liturgy for Living, co-authored with the late Charles P. Price (Seabury Press, 1979; revised second edition, 2000);  Sacraments and Liturgy: The Outward Signs (Blackwell, 1983); Gathered to Pray (Cowley, 1986); and A Theology of Worship (Cowley, 1986). His most recent book, Liturgical Sense, was published by Church Publishing in 2013. That same year, at its meeting in Montréal, the North American Academy of Liturgy named Weil the recipient of its Berakah Award for his contributions to liturgical studies both within the Anglican Communion and ecumenically.

Weil is a founding member of Societas Liturgica (1969); of the North American Academy of Liturgy (1973), which he served as president in 1980; and of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation (1989). He served on the Board of Examining Chaplains for six years (1982-88), and has served for four terms on the Standing Liturgical Commission beginning in 1985. Since retirement, Weil has made his home in El Cerrito, Calif.