The School of Theology. Sewanee: The University of the South

THEO 553 The Glass of Vision: Scripture, Metaphysics, and Poetry


This course will examine one of the most significant texts of 20th-century Anglican theology: Austin Farrer’s Bampton Lectures delivered in Oxford in 1948 and published as The Glass of Vision. According to Farrer, the general topic of the lectures is “the form of divine truth in the human mind,” explored through engagements with three areas of inquiry: scripture, metaphysics, and poetry. Specific issues considered are the relationship between faith and reason, the nature of biblical inspiration and divine revelation, the character of human imagination, and the literary analysis of New Testament texts. We will also consider Farrer’s critics and defenders, such as Helen Gardner, Frank Kermode, David Jasper, and David Brown. Limited to M.Div. seniors, second year M.A. students who have already taken Systematic Theology I, and STM students.