The School of Theology. Sewanee: The University of the South

MNST 561 The Emergent Church in Anglican Perspective

Staff [3]

The ecclesial trend in the United States garnering the most attention in the last decade is widely referred to as the “Emergent Church.” A theological hybrid, liturgically mixed, and denominationally undefined movement, it welcomes a variety of churches, pastoral leaders, inquirers and observers. This seminar will explore the key thinkers (e.g., Butler-Bass, McLaren, Tickle), practitioners (e.g., Jones, Kimball), and practices (e.g., “ancient-future” worship, social-justice concerns, “green” ecclesiology, contemplative youth ministry) that are beginning to define the Emergent Church movement, welcome some of them to campus, and visit nearby exemplars. Students will present a project, paper, or sermons. Limit 12.