The School of Theology. Sewanee: The University of the South

MNST 592 Introduction to Liturgical Spanish and Latino Cultures


This course is geared primarily for seniors who are interested in: learning basic Spanish pronunciation and communication skills; the Liturgy in Spanish; and, gaining general awareness and knowledge of Latino cultures.

Basic communication and reading skills will include:

  • The Spanish Alphabet
  • Rules regarding syllable emphasis
  • Key vocabulary (every day words as well as liturgical terms)
  • Basic grammar structure including the present indicative and commands.

The Liturgy, all in Spanish, shall include learning phrases from The Book of Common Prayer that can be used in pastoral situations, different blessings, key prayers, Morning and Evening Prayer Services, and the Eucharist. About one third of the class will be devoted to discussion of Latino cultures prevalent in Latin America as well as the emerging Latino culture in the U.S. This portion of the course will be in English.