The School of Theology. Sewanee: The University of the South

Certificate of Christian Spirituality

Students already enrolled in a degree programs may earn a certificate in Christian spirituality by completing coursework and reflecting on experiential learning in the area of spirituality.

To earn the certificate, a student must complete MNST 503 Spirituality for Ministry, must take a further six credit hours in the area of Christian Spirituality (for a total of nine hours), and must undertake two individually directed retreats, as outlined below. The certificate is noted on the student’s transcript.

A student planning to make a retreat to fulfill the certificate requirements must submit a proposal to one of the faculty teaching in the area of Christian spirituality for prior approval. The retreats undertaken as part of the certificate program must be in the Christian spiritual tradition. Once the retreat is approved, the student should convey the information, with the faculty member’s signature, to the registrar, who will file the approval. 

One of the retreats is to be taken at St. Mary's Sewanee: The Ayres Center for Spiritual Development, while the other must be taken at a different location. The faculty in Christian Spirituality can offer advice about possible locations.

After completing each retreat, the student must submit a two-page reflection paper, discussing the experience, learnings, and insights from the retreat, to the faculty member who approved the retreat proposal. If the faculty member approves the reflection paper, the faculty member notifies the registrar, who records the completion of the retreat.